Meet Trisha Kuptz, the "Fit Mama"

Get ready for the best body of your life! I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Trisha Kuptz.

I’m a mom, Pilates teacher, Hippocrates Health educator, former triathlete, Huey Lewis fan and animal lover.

I’m proud to have created the Body Bliss System. This 3-step slenderizing system is helping active women to get in the best shape physically and mentally.

I created this system after working with the most skilled Pilates teachers, pelvic floor therapists and functional movement specialists and mind coaches on a journey to heal my own body and become strong, resilient, and confident like I used to feel.

I get it, life happens. And caring for ourselves can easily get left off our list. Once we lose control or if you’ve never had it… it can seem impossible to get it back. 

Start Body Bliss Pilates and get your body going in a new direction!