Core strength and stability are especially important for runners. The repetitive motion makes runners susceptible to injury if your muscle groups are out of balance.

"Why should runners do Pilates? Simply, because it will make you a better runner." – Runners World

Body Bliss Pilates offers 45-minute individual or “duet” sessions specifically designed for runners, focusing on strengthening the stabilizing muscles which keep your hips and knees aligned properly.

Our classes are equipment-based, using a Reformer machine and other tools which allow you to perform concise exercises that you cannot do on your own. In addition, the individual instruction we offer will give you confidence that you are doing the exercises correctly and efficiently, with proper alignment of your pelvis, spine, neck and head.

Body Bliss Pilates also teaches deep breathing from the diaphragm so that you optimally oxygenate your muscles while you are running.

Contact Trisha today to learn more about our flexible scheduling so that you can get stronger and healthier while toning and sculpting your body.

Pilates classes for runners